The Decision Technologies, Inc. team provides Program Management Support to many Navy In-Service Radar Programs in varying capacities.

We are instrumental in the development and maintenance of the SPS-48E overall budget that supports program requirements such as In Service Engineering Agent support, fleet interface, procurement of systems, components and services from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, as well as emergent requirements from the sponsors. Our support to the SPS-48E program also includes logistics related activities such as participation in frequent Configuration Control Board reviews of the Engineering Change Proposals that are in process. We provide input to the logistics area of RM&A by tracking and reporting failure and repair data and trends from fleet assets and summarizing these findings to PEO IWS upper management. We monitor and track the delivery and installation of SPS-48E refurbished hardware on new construction ships at various shipyards and provide necessary direction to the ISEA when corrective action is required.

The Decision Tech team provides logistics support to In Service radar programs of PEO IWS 2.0, such as AN/SPS-48G (V) 1, where our knowledge and experience in critical logistics elements have enabled us to assist the customer in establishing logistics requirements for the development effort. Our team has developed the top level maintenance philosophy for the radar and have translated that philosophy into requirements such as Fault Isolation and Fault Detection, training, supportability, Mean Time To Repair, and Mean Time Between Failure.