Software Products

RRAP Screenshot Radar Reduction and Analysis Program (RRAP)
RRAP supports detailed analysis of radar processing algorithms as well as the capability for modeling processing changes. The cost of RRAP includes 200 hours of software support with customer specified projects.
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RRAP-Lite Screenshot Radar Reduction and Analysis Program-Lite (RRAP-Lite)
RRAP-Lite is designed for use by personnel involved with shipboard support and testing. It can be used at sea for timely verification of system interfaces and the radar’s performance prior to at sea testing periods. RRAP-Lite allows detection of marginal or failed radar interfaces without obvious symptoms.
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RMAT Screenshot Radar Metadata Assessment Tool (RMAT)
RMAT is a tool used for quickly validating radar generated coordinates that are used for automatic target detection and tracking. This tool is especially useful for radar verification prior to underway periods or at sea testing.
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SMART Screenshot Software Metrics Analysis Reporting Tool (SMART)
SMART is used for effective management of software intensive development projects. SMART stores standard program measures (updated weekly or monthly) to create instantaneous views of Progress-to-Plan, Stability, Quality, and Performance. With SMART, early indications of potential development problems can be seen by the Program Manager and corrective actions can be implemented before issues drive costs upward or schedules outward.
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Support Screenshot Decision Tech Software Support
The Decision Technologies Inc. team's flexible software development environment featuring key personnel enables us to begin work on projects immediately. Our staff’s extensive experience and management structure allow us to adapt and support a wide range of efforts – from training and implementation support, to large or small system development. Offering both remote and on-site training programs customized to the customer's goals, our flexible training means our users can make the most of the software we offer. Because our personnel are team-oriented, our software team can work as members of a larger group but are capable of providing the entire team including leadership. Request a Quote