Radar Metadata Assessment Tool

RMAT is a software program developed for testing the AN/SPS-48G (V) radar Interfaces. This software tool runs on a Windows or Linux computer, samples the radar interfaces and corresponding radar generated data, and outputs the data in a usable format. This tool is useful for verifying the radar’s interfaces after initial radar installation or prior to at sea periods.
RMAT provides the following Outputs:

  1. Radar Beam Data
  2. Radar Track Data
  3. System Noise
  4. IQ File Status
  5. Group Processing
  6. Gates
  7. Elevation Scan Line
  8. Video Tags
The RMAT Control Panel is illustrated below:

RMAT Screenshot

RMAT provides a tool needed for quickly validating radar generated coordinates used for automatic target detection and tracking. This tool is especially useful for radar verification prior to underway periods or underway testing.

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