Radar Reduction and Analysis Program

RRAP is a software tool intended for modeling, interpretation, and evaluation of the AN/SPS-48G (V) radar data. RRAP uses MATLAB running on a Windows computer for radar video visualization and data analysis. RRAP has two independent functions, a PPI Video Display with interactive controls, and a built in Radar Metadata Assessment Tool (RMAT).

Below is a RRAP screen shot which shows the RRAP PPI Display with tracks and video and the Control Panel.

RRAP Screenshot

The PPI video display enables:

  1. Visualization of the basic radar operating environment with controls used for determining elevation extent of land, sea, and weather clutter. Typical controls are:
    1. Group/Beam Selection
    2. Tracks On/Off
    3. Input file
    4. Video type
    5. Scan control
    6. Range/zoom Controls
    7. Target Tracks with radar video
  2. Visualization of DMTI performance including:
    1. Multiple time around video
    2. Filter performance
    3. Clutter Reduction
    4. Target Detection and Tracking
RMAT enables verification of radar interfaces and computed stabilization coordinates. RMAT provides:
  1. Group/ Beam coordinate information
  2. Group SLB counts, Large Target counts, IIB counts
  3. File verification
  4. IQ data dump
  5. Group header contents
Below is a RRAP Screen shot showing the clutter improvement histogram for MTI filter 5.

RRAP Screenshot

RRAP can be used for detailed analysis of 48G radar processing algorithms. It also provides the capability for modeling processing changes or new concepts. Basic RRAP pricing includes 200 hours of software support for specified projects.

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