Radar Reduction and Analysis Program-Lite

RRAP-Lite is a software program based on RRAP that was developed for checkout and testing of the AN/SPS-48G (V) radar. This software tool runs on a Windows or Linux computer and allows radar environment visualization and interface verification. This program has the capabilities of RRAP but runs without MATLAB so it is faster and does not require preprocessing time. RRAP-Lite comes packaged with the Radar Metadata Assessment Tool (RMAT). RRAP-Lite PPI video display allows:
  1. Visualization of the radar operating environment with controls used for determining elevation extent of land, sea, and weather clutter. Typical controls are:
    1. Group/Beam Selection
    2. Tracks On/Off
    3. Input File
    4. Video Type
    5. Scan Control
    6. Range/Zoom Controls
    7. Target Tracks with Radar Video
  2. Visualization of DMTI performance including:
    1. Multiple time around video
    2. Filter performance
    3. Clutter reduction
    4. Target detection and tracking
The insert below is a RRAP-Lite screen shot which shows a Range height display, and a PPI Display with tracks and video. Each display has an RRAP-Lite Control Panel to its right.

RRAP-Lite Screenshot

RRAP-Lite has important advantages as a system test tool as compared to RRAP which was designed for radar modeling. RRAP-Lite does not require MATLAB, so is less costly for initial purchase and long term license agreements; it also runs faster, is more portable, and requires less preparation time. These benefits translate to reduced total ownership costs for this product.

The insert below is a RRAP-Lite screen shot showing the clutter improvement histogram for MTI filter 5.

RRAP-Lite Screenshot

The insert below is a RRAP-Lite screen shot showing the dynamic Elevation Scan Chart.

RRAP-Lite Screenshot

RRAP-Lite is ideally suited for use by personnel who are heavily involved with shipboard support and testing as it enables system evaluation while under way. RRAP-Lite allows detection of marginal or failed radar interfaces that may not display obvious symptoms.

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