Software Metrics Analysis Reporting Tool

SMART is a tool developed for Navy Program Managers (PMs) or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)/Software Vendors to visualize the status and trends of software-focused development projects. The features of SMART foster a risk reduction environment by providing early indicators of problems and identifying areas that need management focus, such that timely corrective action can be initiated and program success can be achieved.

Below is a screenshot illustrating the Earned Value metric report for a sample software project.

SMART Screenshot

Because SMART is tailored specifically for each project, it is flexible enough to benefit any project. The design of this tool eliminates most touch labor by automating the effort needed for spreadsheet entry and tracking. In doing so, the tedious, boring, mistake-prone tasks are replaced with automated data products. SMART can run remotely, on an integrated data environment, or on-site at a government or contractor facility.

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