Decision Technologies has established a reputation for offering superior services and solutions, proven integrity and innovation, employee engagement and development, and customer collaboration. Our growth and success have positioned us as a premiere engineering and intelligence services provider contributing to our nation’s defense.

An award-winning world-class partner.

Decision Technologies was founded to help bridge the gap between Department of Defense and Federal Government acquisition programs and technology to help our customers optimize their decision-making process. Over the years, our areas of expertise have expanded to include Systems Engineering, Program Management, In-Service Engineering, Equipment Repair, Research and Development, Test and Evaluation, and Intelligence and Counterintelligence Support. We are passionate about delivering sound and innovative solutions to our customers and partners. We believe in intentional quality by providing the right mix of resources to offer solutions based on years of expertise, while leveraging new approaches and techniques to problem solving. This delicate balance of knowledge, experience, and a people-oriented approach differentiates Decision Technologies.

What We Do

Decision Technologies provides our customers and partners a broad spectrum of services by offering specialized knowledge in a variety of engineering and program management disciplines. Committed to providing our customers with high quality, cost-effective technical support services, we employ a total systems approach in order to ensure every program’s success.
Exceptional Client Experience
“I was asked several years ago by a Federal agency senior-level program manager, “What do you know about Decision Technologies?” At the time, I was unfamiliar with DT, having limited exposure to weapon system management outside of my core area within the Air Force. As the Headquarters Air Force Operations Directorate lead for the inter-agency SENSR radar program, I dove into learning more about DT and concluded early on that the problem-set we faced with the SENSR program was a match for Decision Tech’s expertise. The SENSR radar project that began as a DoD/FAA/DHS/NOAA inter-agency effort was not only diverse in its mission requirements, but complex from an anticipated surveillance radar system of systems outcome. Decision Tech provided commitment from its leadership and delivered in-depth knowledge of systems engineering, systems logistics expertise, performance assessments, operational evaluations, and more. The perspective from Decision Tech is exactly what we hoped for, and their ongoing contributions have delivered a solid foundation for SENSR to develop a program that will deploy surveillance technologies needed by DoD, DHS and FAA. I recommend Decision Technologies for your toughest agency requirements.“
Mr. Steve Robinson
HQ Air Force, Operations Sustainment
“As a very small business and a teammate, it has been really exciting to see Decision Tech grow so quickly over the last several years. Dwayne and his team prove every day that you can do things the right way and be very successful. Decision Tech has established a culture that places an emphasis on taking care of its customers and taking care of its employees. This winning formula is a great example for us at The Probitas Project, Inc. to emulate as we build our company.”
Craig Yantiss
The Probitas Project, Inc., President
When Results Matter
When Results Matter
At Decision Technologies, we focus on delivering the right solutions to our customers for the right price. We believe in intentional quality that is supported through efficient execution and workflows. We maintain a forward-thinking approach continuously improving processes and procedures, managing costs, and mitigating risks. Our approach enables us to support our customers at a lower cost without sacrificing quality.

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