We are passionate about delivering sound and innovative solutions to our customers. Decision Technologies brings the right mix of resources to offer solutions based on years of expertise, while leveraging new approaches and techniques to problem solving. This delicate balance of knowledge, experience, and a people-oriented approach differentiates Decision Technologies. Our customers are our first priority, and our primary objective is to deliver quality and value in all that we do.

Leading Technical Expertise

Leadership Drawn from Years of Experience

Decision Technologies is recognized for the superior engineering and technical leadership we bring to programs of all sizes. Our multi-disciplinary team provides solutions to complex engineering, acquisition, and National Security challenges. Guided by lean engineering principles, we bring engineering rigor to every program we support, often leading teams made up of technical specialists from government, academia, and industry. For our Department of Defense customers, we specialize in combat, sensor, weapon system acquisition, and engineering and logistics. Our intelligence experts provide our customers with sound, practical solutions to challenges they face in the execution of their critical National Security programs.
Bringing Technical Leadership to Your Program

Our technical staff includes former Original Equipment Manufacturer systems engineers and government acquisition experts that will bring pragmatic and cost-effective technical advisory services to ensure that critical systems used by our military forces meet all performance objectives and are delivered on-time and within budget.

Integrity & Corporate Values

Doing the Right Thing

We are dedicated to taking care of customers, employees, and partners alike, and maintain a commitment to upholding an unambiguous set of corporate standards. We place our value in our Integrity, People, Intentional Quality, and Continuous Improvement. Each of our core values fosters good judgement and honest interactions from our employees to our partners and customers resulting in the highest of standards for our products and deliverables. Success is only achieved by respecting and prizing everyone in the process.
Our Commitment to You

Our corporate and social responsibility makes us a 360° partner and puts us above the competition. As we consider the impact on all stakeholders in every interaction, we focus on employee productivity and retention, foster relationships with our partners and customers, and demonstrate service integrity and quality of service and products.

Seasoned Team

Providing Experienced Leadership for Your Program

Decision Technologies specializes in delivering seasoned subject matter experts with many years of engineering and acquisition experience developing combat systems and combat system elements. Our company leadership and multi-disciplinary workforce include former Original Equipment Manufacturer design engineers, field engineers, and test engineers. Our staff also includes many former government acquisition professionals and former US Military officers and enlisted personnel with practical hands-on experience in the acquisition, development, fielding, and support of major defense programs. This experience base ensures our customers are provided products and advisory services based on many years of experience with acquisition programs.
Applying our Expertise

Decision Technologies’ team of seasoned professionals are trusted to deliver sound engineering and acquisition solutions to meet the design, integration, and testing challenges faced by our customers.

Innovative Thinking

Sharpening the Tip of the Spear

Our team at Decision Technologies is mission-focused to provide cost-effective, expedient, and superior options to our customers. Our employees are driven to promote creative solutions and examine events with a critical and predictive lens. We believe that every team member adds value - through collaboration and communication we can introduce new ways to achieve results and increase the quality of our products for our customers. An open-minded approach, driven by empowered employees, creates a forward-leaning environment that embraces change. Our customers benefit from this organization-wide approach to problem solving.
Innovative Solutions to Customer Problems

At Decision Technologies, innovation is inherent in our everyday culture. From strategy development to execution, we provide our customers with resources, tools, and people who consistently look for meaning, apply critical thinking to their work, and develop new ways to solve everyday problems and complex scenarios.

Tailored Client-Centric Solutions

The Customer Comes First

Our tailored customer-centric solutions focus on our passionate belief that the customer comes first. Communication and accessibility are key tenets of our business model; every Decision Technologies team member is aligned to the customer’s goal and is engaged at every level from the first line employee to upper management. Decision Technologies cannot succeed without understanding our customers’ vision. We view the world through the lens of our customers-- providing services and solutions that meet their needs, anticipating their requirements and providing a high level of service to maintain enduring partnerships. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our customers in order to maximize their product and service experience.
Focused on Your Goals

Tailoring solutions to our customer experience is at the cognitive forefront of each Decision Technologies team member. Regardless of the decision we are making, we are guided by the questions, “Does this help our customers?” and “Is this what is best for the customer?”

Disciplined Processes

Navigating Unique Complexities

Decision Technologies is well known by our customers for getting the job done, a direct result of our disciplined adherence to processes, metrics, and performance. Our customers work in a complex environment full of unknowns, and they need well-thought-out products and fast results. Our adherence to analytical thinking, results-driven collaboration, and a dedicated work ethic allow us to thrive and deliver, even for the most complex Department of Defense efforts and projects.
Delivering Concrete Results

Our customers know that Decision Technologies will deliver – on time – every time. Whether it’s Risk Management, Configuration Management, Systems Engineering, Technical Performance Measurement, Earned Value, or any other project management process, Decision Technologies will ensure that the job gets done with a high-quality product.

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