At Decision Technologies, we focus on delivering the right solutions to our customers for the right price. We believe in intentional quality that is supported through efficient execution and workflows. The process of streamlining the organization and managing the quality of services and deliverables creates a cohesive environment with a common methodology. We maintain a forward-thinking approach continuously improving processes and procedures, managing costs, and mitigating risks. Our approach enables us to support our customers at a lower cost without sacrificing quality.

Ensure Deliverable Quality

Producing High Caliber Output

We value our customers’ time and resources and know that big thinking and critical analysis need to be documented and communicated. Our customers consistently comment on the quality of our deliverables and know that they will have something in hand as a result of our efforts. From test plans, white papers, analysis briefs, requirements, architectures, concepts of operation, and integration design documents to logistic plans, ship installation plans, interface documents, Flag-level briefs, and more, Decision Technologies delivers across the board.
Well-Rounded Deliverables

Our customers expect excellence and ultimately require output that will contribute to project success and meeting program objectives. Decision Technologies knows that it’s not enough to just “be smart” – we excel at communicating, writing, briefing, documenting, and delivering quality products for our customers.

Optimize Workflow Efficiency

Streamlining Our Business

Optimized workflows allow us to successfully support our customers by providing consistent deliverables, refining precision, and ensuring continuous process improvement. We are focused on mission support – providing the highest quality products to the customer, efficiently and effectively. Each individual employee’s skills are maximized by focusing on talent, setting goals, and rewarding innovation and change. Documentation and policy management align the organization and directly impact customer results.
Responsiveness is the Result

Our managers make better decisions and our employees are empowered to collaborate in order to be responsive with greater agility. Our organized, mission-focused teams equipped with all of the necessary tools save time in execution, decrease overhead costs, and enrich customer experience.

Lower Acquisition Costs

Delivering Value

Decision Technologies believes in delivering value to our customers. By streamlining operations, creating value-added processes, and continuously improving, we provide the highest level of support to our team as well as our customers with a small corporate staff. We understand the significance of tightening controls and reducing expenditures. Our organizational structure, vision, and corporate values drive our organization to achieve superior performance and minimize waste.
Effective and Efficient

Decision Technologies delivers what we promise: timely and cost-effective engineering, acquisition, and intelligence advisory services that add value to our customers’ programs. We maintain a flat organization with an efficient corporate staff, automate when available, and support continuous process efficiency efforts to ensure that costs remain low while delivering superior technical services to our Government customers.

Improve Execution Efficiency

Focusing on Results

Decision Technologies is a small business that achieves big results. Through continuous improvement and increased efficiency, we deliver streamlined results at lower costs. Business efficiency is driven by empowering our employees to provide feedback and suggest better ways of doing things. Each employee is a vital part of the organization and contributes to our ability to provide our customers with superior products and services. Decision Technologies’ vision and mission are passed down to our employees through effective communication, and our focus is on superior customer support.
Doing More with Less

At Decision Technologies we are focused on superior execution and customer support. A team-oriented environment, effective communication and proper delegation allow us to do more with less. We set clear goals for our employees and organization, provide continuous training and development, match employees’ skills to requirements, and incentivize employees – directly impacting improved customer relationships.

Mitigate Performance Risks

Ensuring Your Mission is Successful

Decision Technologies’ team members have held lead Risk Management roles in multiple Office of the Undersecretary of Defense and U.S. Navy Program Offices and have assisted with identifying potential program risks and implementing avoidance and/or mitigation strategies to minimize impact to mission execution. We work collaboratively with all stakeholders to generate and implement risk mitigation techniques.
Applying Lessons Learned to Your Programs

Decision Technologies staffs our projects with subject matter experts who understand our customers’ requirements and have the knowledge and experience to assist them with the execution of their programs. Our cadre of experienced engineers and analysts ensures that we bring lessons learned and risk mitigation strategies to provide a low-risk approach to resolving program challenges faced by our Government customers.

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