Decision Technologies was founded in 2003 with a focus on bridging the gap between Department of Defense and Federal Government acquisition programs and technology to help our customers make better decisions. We have provided our customers a broad spectrum of services by offering specialized knowledge in a variety of engineering and program management disciplines. Our areas of expertise include Systems Engineering, Program Management, In-Service Engineering, Equipment Repair, Research and Development, Test and Evaluation, and Intelligence and Counterintelligence Support. Our skilled and experienced personnel have made Decision Technologies a preferred Department of Defense services provider.

Systems Engineering

Delivering Systems Engineering Leadership

Decision Technologies leads the Systems Engineering efforts for many of our customers. We provide strategic planning, budgeting, system requirements definition, architecture development, functional requirements allocation, and integration methods for complex, integrated systems. We excel at capability-based System-of-Systems and Family-of-Systems projects and are dedicated to our customers’ success. We manage risk, apply configuration management, develop Systems Engineering artifacts, perform project management, and execute model-based Systems Engineering by applying disciplined Systems Engineering processes in both waterfall and agile environments.
Project Success through Disciplined Approach

U.S. Navy customers have relied on Decision Technologies personnel for over 15 years to manage all aspects of the Systems Engineering life cycle. Decision Technologies’ flawless execution of Systems Engineering practices ensures project success.

Program Management Support

Providing the Disciplined Approach

We apply proven Program Management techniques to manage cost, schedule, performance, and quality in the delivery of technical solutions for our customers. In addition, we support our Department of Defense customers by providing Program Management skills to meet the requirements of the Defense Acquisition System for major programs. Like our Systems Engineering services, our Program Management services take a wholistic approach to managing programs assigned to Decision Technologies and to our customers, ensuring all aspects of planning, budgeting, and execution are integrated, and the needs of stakeholders are considered when managing the delivery of products and services.
Answering the Call Across the Government Spectrum

We have a proven track record of providing Program Management services for Department of Defense and Federal Government customers that result in product and service delivery on-schedule and within budget.

Intelligence Support Services

Helping Ensure National Security Efforts

Decision Technologies provides valuable contributions to U.S. National Security through the application of in-depth Defense security knowledge and expertise to assist in prudent management of highly sensitive intelligence efforts. We assist in empowering and integrating the Defense Intelligence Enterprise’s collection capabilities and clandestine technical operations. Our hand-picked subject matter experts prepare policy, provide responses to Executive Branch, Congressional, and cross-enterprise inquiries, document intelligence processes and requirements, and advocate for the resources and requirements to support counterintelligence and law enforcement activities, technical operations, human intelligence, special activities, and vital security programs.
Spotting Excellence

Our customers consistently recognize our employees for their attention to detail, accurate reporting, and vast expertise and knowledge in our support of numerous Department of Defense intelligence programs supporting the warfighter’s technical collection operations, multi-faceted intelligence gathering disciplines, special programs and activities, security, and insider and counter-insider threat defense.

In-Service Engineering

Life Cycle Sustainment and Engineering

Since 2003, Decision Technologies has provided In-Service Engineering products and services for our U.S. Navy customers, influencing product design and engineering support tools and infrastructure that ensures reliability and supportability throughout the product’s life cycle. Using a disciplined Systems Engineering approach and harnessing years of product support expertise, our team influences system design for reliability and maintainability, and analyzes the system’s support infrastructure in areas such as technical documentation, facilities, training, and supply support. We work closely with our customers to optimize system performance and supportability in the fleet, improving readiness and reducing life cycle cost.
Proven Expertise

Decision Technologies has over 15 years of experience providing In-Service Engineering to U.S. Navy weapons and sensor programs, delivering engineering expertise and supportability products and services that improve fleet performance and readiness throughout a system’s life cycle.

Repair Facility Services

Electronic and Electromechanical Repair

The Decision Technologies Repair Facility, an ISO9001:2015 certified site, has the capability to repair a wide range of shipboard electronic and electromechanical components. Our team of highly skilled technicians systematically repair multi-layered, high-density electronic printed circuit boards and electromechanical devices. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools such as a Huntron Tracker Dual Head Prober and utilizing Miniature and Micro Miniature repair skills, our team provides creative solutions to our customers’ most difficult problems. We provide high quality products and services paired with the exceptionally fast turnaround times.
Tailoring Our Capabilities to Your Products

Our customer-focused team proudly supports military readiness by providing troubleshooting and repair services for our Department of Defense customers with a proven track record of high-quality products, on-time delivery, and outstanding customer service at a fair price.

R&D Support

Multi-Disciplined Lean Engineering

Decision Technologies is a lean engineering company with subject matter experts across many disciplines poised to respond quickly to the need for specialty Research and Development (R&D) initiatives. Our multi-disciplinary engineers apply scientific and analytical thinking to our customers’ problem sets and deliver real engineering products to support R&D milestones and R&D proposals. We have experience with the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, internal R&D, DARPA programs, and other R&D funding lines and apply our proven track record of innovative development to each unique R&D project.
Applying Our Engineering Expertise

Our customers value the unique expertise we bring to any project – real products at an affordable price. Our team of subject matter experts and multi-disciplinary engineers support a wide range of R&D efforts and apply rigor and innovative thinking to all facets of R&D projects.

Test and Evaluation

Over 15 Years of Formal Test Event Support

Since 2003, Decision Technologies has provided an extensive range of Test and Evaluation technical support and professional services to some of the most advanced missile, sensor, and weapons systems programs in the U.S. Navy. Our subject matter experts coordinate all facets of the planning and execution of complex missile test events at instrumented test ranges. This includes developing Test and Evaluation Master Plans, determining range instrumentation requirements, providing technical input to flight test documentation, and facilitating acquisition management milestone test reviews. We support U.S. Navy weapons system integration ground testing and coordinate at-sea surface ship missile testing, including Developmental and Operational Test exercises.
Providing Experienced Technical Expertise

For over fifteen years, Decision Technologies has provided technical expertise to the U.S. Navy for a diverse array of Test and Evaluation solutions. Our long track record of providing high quality, customer-focused support to complex testing programs makes Decision Technologies a leader in our field.

Systems Cybersecurity

Risk Management Framework Process and Development

Decision Technologies is a recognized expert in applying the Department of Defense Instruction 8510.01 Risk Management Framework processes and NIST Special Publication 800-53 control set policy for implementation in fielded U.S. Navy information systems. This process includes mapping security controls to individual systems that are integrated into a complex system-of-systems architecture. Each control set is designed to successfully maintain the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of critical system data required by the Integrated Combat System to accomplish the assigned mission.
Qualified Cybersecurity Background

With over 15 years of experience across the acquisition life cycle support and service to the warfighter, our cyber efforts are PEO IWS-focused, including development of RMF Authorization Packages for PIT Designated Systems, CYBERSAFE support accounting for cyber risk management through the acquisition life cycle, system architecture and Cybersecurity enclave design as defined by the PEO IWS 5239.1 Cybersecurity Strategy, and requirements for generation for system development, integration, and testing to include compliance oversight.

Ship Integration

Supporting Integrated Combat Systems

Decision Technologies provides the subject matter expertise to support the design, review, integration, and installation of Integrated Combat Systems components aboard every ship class in the fleet. We conduct engineering analyses and review and evaluate any proposed design or integration change to assess the impact of implementing the change. We author test plans and procedures and execute them to verify proper integration of systems and their capabilities during pier-side and at-sea test events.
Managing Ship Readiness

Decision Technologies consistently provides world-class Ship Integration services to the U.S. Navy fleet, from in-service ship classes to complex, high-risk, first-of-class installations. Our value-added products and our decades of experience and accomplishments drive ship readiness to the warfighter.

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